Just look at those amazing, frightened eyes. She knows far too well that being tied deep inside strange forest, bare naked, with a horny sadistic guy wearing mask and whip is definitely pretty dangerous!

When you bitch misbehaves, punishment must be sure to follow! If she refuses to swallow, you should make her suffer so much, next time she’ll beg you to cum in her mouth!

She thought she can talk back to her master. Boy was she wrong! All she can do now is moan in pain, while she gets whipped with firm twig on her naked body!

This girl thought she can clean dishes another day and this is her punishment. Plastic bag over her head, nipples clipped and viciously fucked and spanked as her master pleases!

I don’t even know what this girl did, maybe her master got bored and decided suspending her limbs and messing with her pussy and sweet asshole could kill his boredom.

Long Dozen Review

Long Dozen Review
Long Dozen

Did she misbehave? Then give her hell! Every bitch must obey her master, or punishment will follow! It’s only natural. Watch these pretty girls grovel in pain, while being bandaged and punished in most imaginative ways you ever seen!